How to Use Ionic Hot Rollers?

Answer Ionic hot rollers harness the power of ions to heat up quickly while posing minimal risk to the health of hair. The rollers change color when they reach the proper temperature for use, making the e... Read More »

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Ionic Hair Dryer vs. Non-Ionic?

Ionic hair dryers claim to boost shine, save drying time and decrease frizz and fly-away strands of hair. There are technology differences between ionic hair dryers and their old-fashioned, non-ion... Read More »

Velcro Rollers vs. Hot Rollers?

To some, looking good can be important and a woman's hair is her crowning glory. Adding curl and volume to your hair is one way to boost your look or even just try something different. Hot rollers ... Read More »

Is O2 an ionic bond?

O2 is not an ionic bond; it is a covalent bond. Ionic bonding occurs between metals and nonmetals. Covalent bonding occurs when two nonmetals share a pair of electrons. O2 is an example of multiple... Read More »

Is water ionic?

The basic elements of water are hydrogen and oxygen. Each of these elements is nonmetallic; therefore, water is a not ionic, but a covalent compound. Ionic compounds are formed by the attraction b... Read More »