How to Use Inequality Notation to Describe the Set of Real Numbers?

Answer An inequality is a mathematical statement that identifies the relative size of a set or variable in comparison to another. There are three strict notations used for inequalities --- less than, grea... Read More »

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How to Graph Interval Notation Inequality?

When you solve an algebraic equation, you get a single answer. In contrast, when you solve an inequality, you get a range of answers that could work. For example, if the answer to an equation is x ... Read More »

How to Put Numbers in Decimal Notation?

Decimal and scientific notation are two mathematical processes used to represent very large or very small numbers easily. While scientific notation is written with a decimal number raised to a posi... Read More »

How to Change Numbers Into and Out of Scientific Notation?

Ah, scientific notation. It is commonly used, especially in chemistry and physics, to represent very large and very small numbers. It is also commonly misunderstood. Below are some steps to follow ... Read More »

How to Add & Subtract Real Numbers?

Real numbers are numbers representing quantities along a continuum, such as 3/4 and -5. As such, real numbers can be either positive or negative. Adding or subtracting them correctly requires a bas... Read More »