How to Use Huggable Hangers?

Answer Closet space is a treasured commodity in our culture of ever-changing fashion trends. The typical clothes hanger helps to clear space in the lower portion of a closet, but can leave the shoulder ar... Read More »

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Do joy magano huggable hangers work?

On One Hand: A Simple Closet Organization AlternativeHuggable Hangers are hanging in countless closets across the nation. A less expensive alternative to bulky closet organizers, these hangers are ... Read More »

Padded hangers or slimline hangers?

Why are babies cute and huggable?

Honestly. Given the tremendous amount of work and attention necessary it's undoubtedly a defense mechanism. If the baby weren't so cute there's no way anyone in their right mind would put up with t... Read More »

How to Use Pant Hangers?

Although simple to wear, pants are not the easiest item to store. They frequently slip off typical hangers and can make your closet crowded and bulky. Using pant hangers instead of regular hangers ... Read More »