How to Use Home Theaters for Computer Speakers?

Answer Hooking up a home theater to a computer makes it possible to tap into the power of the home audio system when enjoying digital audio from the PC or laptop. If the music sounds good on the PC or lap... Read More »

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How good is BOSE for speakers over all the other home theaters?

BOSE is regarded very poorly in audiophile circles. They are very over priced and are marketed towards the generally uneducated consumer.BOSE does not post the frequency response of their speakers ... Read More »

Whats the difference between computer 5.1 surround speakers and home system speakers?

What is the difference between bicycle breaks and breaks on your car?Size.Computer speakers are self-contained and designed to surround 1 person at a desk with sound.Home theater gear is "room fill... Read More »

Computer 5.1 speakers or home 3D bluray system speakers?

All CD or better sources encode sound digitally in high quality, and usually in DTS surround, so lets put the fact its blue ray or whatever aside. If you want to go up to 7.point something surround... Read More »

How can I get the best sound from my computer speakers at home?

Use SRS, if you use windows media player then make sure SRS Sound is turned on, this boosts the sound and surround effect, also make sure the volume on computer is full and then adjust accordingly ... Read More »