How to Use Holographic Sights?

Answer Holographic sights are widely used by target shooters, hunters, law enforcement and military personnel on a variety of weapons. Lasers located within holographic sights create a reticle such as a c... Read More »

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Holographic Effect?

The term "holographic effect" refers to the use of holograms to create a special effect. While once primarily discussed in science-fiction settings, holographic effects can be generated from public... Read More »

How to Write a Holographic Will?

Creating a valid last will and testament, which will stand-up in court under the most intense legal scrutiny, has become an expensive undertaking. Most lawyers may charge a client well over a thous... Read More »

Are holographic wills legal?

On One Hand: Not Always LegalNot all states recognize the validity of a holographic, or handwritten, will, according to Additionally, you must follow a specific set of rules for a holo... Read More »

Can I view holographic images on a PC?

It is not possible to view holographic images, or holograms, on a PC. Holograms need to be printed on special, layered surfaces that refract light in a complex and precise manner. Most often, holog... Read More »