How to Use Hazard Lights in the Rain?

Answer When driving in a rainstorm and visibility is low, many drivers are quick to turn on a vehicle's hazard lights. One reason for turning on the hazard lights is that the driver feels that it will hel... Read More »

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Should you put ur hazard lights on when there is a broken down car at lights?

No.Only use your hazzards if YOU have broken down, or you are on a fast moving road and you need to warn following drivers of a sudden stop ahead (such as a traffic jam) - read the Highway Code, it... Read More »

How to Drive With Hazard Lights On?

Hazard lights are a a feature on most automobiles that make the car's lights flash continuously in order to indicate an emergency or hazard. As the name suggests, these lights should only be used i... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Hazard Lights?

If the hazard lights on your vehicle are malfunctioning, there are three possible causes: the electrical connector of the hazard light assembly is loose, the hazard light fuse has blown or the haza... Read More »

What do hazard lights look like on the inside of a car?

Hazard lights on automobiles are used to inform passing cars of a problem. When hazard lights are activated, the blinker lights on the inside of the car simultaneously flash.SymbolHazard lights mus... Read More »