How to Use Hairpieces to Cover a Botched Haircut?

Answer Getting a good haircut is a challenge. Sometimes a woman must settle for what she was given, rather than what she wanted. A botched haircut can be disappointing, degrading, and disillusioning. Sinc... Read More »

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How to Cover Baldness With a Haircut?

For some people, baldness is just a fact of life. Some who are starting to go bald embrace it and adopt a haircut that actually accentuates their new bald look. Others might just shave their head c... Read More »

How bad was your last botched beauty procedure?

my stylist was yap, yap, yappin'. i left the salon looking like jo jo the dog faced boy. oly out.

I need a japanese haircut. What are some good websites for haircut Ideas?'ve used this site before when getting my haircut. But be warned that if your stylist is not familiar with the techniques used by Japanese stylist, you will not get the r... Read More »

How to Add Hairpieces to a Hairdo?

Adding hairpieces to a standard hairdo is an exciting thanks to clean up a glance. whether or not you propose to travel to an enormous party or simply fancy being silly along with your hair on a us... Read More »