How to Use Graph Paper & Set Up a Coordinate Plane Using Primes?

Answer Coordinate planes are used to chart a number of different mathematical equations including the quadratic formulas responsible for creating parabolic curves. Prime numbers include any number which c... Read More »

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How to Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane?

This will teach you how to graph points on a coordinate plane (x,y format) as well as how to read formulas and modify your graph to fit.

How to Graph Absolute Value Inequalities on a Coordinate Plane?

Graphing inequalities differs from graphing lines and curves in that the points that fit the solution to an inequality is a region instead of a line. Furthermore, the region is infinite. Graphing a... Read More »

How to Make a Coordinate Graph?

A coordinate graph, sometimes called a Cartesian system or Cartesian plane, represents points in two-dimensional (2D) space. The points on a coordinate graph are represented by ordered pairs. For e... Read More »

How to Tell a Right Triangle on a Coordinate Plane?

You can determine if a triangle on a coordinate plane is a right triangle by determining if it meets the properties of a right triangle. According to the Pythagorean theorem, the lengths of the sid... Read More »