How to Use "Goosebumps" Movies in the Classroom?

Answer From 1994 to 1996, R.L. Stine was the best-selling author in America due to the popularity of his "Goosebumps" young adult book series. Although the series is no longer the sensation it once was, t... Read More »

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How to View Movies in the Classroom?

Teachers use a variety of media sources to support curriculum and enhance the learning experience. Showing movies to enrich course content is a powerful instructional tool. When planning your unit,... Read More »

Ideas for Making Movies in the Elementary Classroom?

Movies are a powerful medium for encouraging creativity and critical thinking in elementary school students. As the price of camera equipment continues to go down, it is becoming more and more feas... Read More »

What gives you goosebumps?

your hairs stand on end due to little muscles in your epidermis(skin). the little muscles are called "erector pili" (he-he sounds naughty). These little muscles make each hair stand up giving us "g... Read More »

What causes "goosebumps"?

Goose bumps are created when tiny muscles at the base of each hair, known as arrectores pilorum, contract and pull the hair erect. The reflex is started by the sympathetic nervous system, which is ... Read More »