How to Use Google Apps for Firefox MailTo?

Answer Mozilla Firefox launches a configured email application when you click hyperlinks that begin with "mailto:" on Web pages. These links open a new message in your email client with the intended recip... Read More »

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How to Create a Google Account With Google Email Apps?

If you own a business and use the Google Apps service from Google, you can create new user accounts and user email addresses from the Google Apps Dashboard page. When you create a new user account ... Read More »

How to Set Up Google Apps?

Here's how to set up Google Apps in six easy steps.

Google chrome vs firefox?

I will always like Firefox for the extensions and the control I have over my browser. Chrome is better for Java, but I don't usually go to a lot of pages that have Java and my internet has Fios spe... Read More »

Google Chrome or Firefox?

i use bothchrome is fasterfirefox is also fast and has a lot of add-ons. foxtab is one of my favorites and is the main reason i kept firefox, but chrome is my default browser. firefox is also more... Read More »