How to Use Gasket Sealant?

Answer A gasket is a seal that fills a space between two surfaces; you'll find gaskets in everything from car engines to toilets. Using a gasket will help prevent leakage between the objects being joined.... Read More »

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Do I put sealant on the transmission pan& gasket?

Many transmission pan gaskets today come with a sealant impregnated in, or already applied to the surface of, the gasket material. For this type of material, only a clean, oil-free surface is neede... Read More »

Do I put sealant on the transmission pan and gasket?

Silicone sealants are needed when attaching a transmission gasket to a transmission oil pan. The pan gasket creates a seal between the transmission and the pan. Sealant is applied to the top edge o... Read More »

Do you need to use sealant on a differential gasket?

A differential gasket can be used in place of 100 percent silicone sealant when repairing or rebuilding a differential. If a gasket is used, no sealant is required, and subsequent removal of the di... Read More »

How to Use RTV Gasket Sealant on an Intake Manifold?

Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) sealant is thick, liquid sealant used for creating a tight bond between flexible parts, such as an engine and intake manifold. Use RTV sealant as a formed-in-plac... Read More »