How to Use Frownies Correctly?

Answer Frownies is the name of a wrinkle reducing treatment. They consist of facial pads made of unbleached paper and a vegetable-based adhesive. The manufacturer claims that the product temporarily reduc... Read More »

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How to Use Frownies Above Your Lips?

Frownies are a low-tech and relatively low-cost solution to facial wrinkles. By wearing Frownies each night, you help train your muscles to relax, reducing the formation of new wrinkles and gradual... Read More »

Is propylene glycol used in the tape adhesive for Frownies patches?

No, there is no propylene glycol used in the tape adhesive for Frownies facial patches. Propylene glycol is listed on the Frownies website as one of a number of chemicals that Frownies will never u... Read More »

How to Use "Etc." Correctly?

You might think that it's easy to use et cetera, which translates to "and others" or, more literally, "and the other things", and is abbreviated as "etc.". Surely everyone knows how to use "etc." c... Read More »

How to Use "Too" and "To" Correctly?

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