How to Use Foam Boards Inside & Out for Better Insulation?

Answer As energy prices continue to increase it becomes more and more beneficial to improve the insulation of your house. Foam boards can be used both inside and outside to better insulate your home. ... Read More »

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Is tyvek wrap or insulation boards better?

On One Hand: Tyvek Wrap Provides a BarrierApplied under insulation boards, sheathing wrap provides a continuous barrier to wind and water infiltration and creates a barrier against air "exfiltratio... Read More »

Where can you use spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is being used more often for insulating both large areas, such as attics and walls, and smaller areas that are harder to fill completely with traditional insulating materials... Read More »

Can a mouse eat through foam insulation?

Although the Humane Society of the United States recommends plugging small openings with expanding-foam insulation, most sources agree that mice will eventually gnaw through it. Where possible, use... Read More »

How much spray foam insulation do I need?

The amount of spray foam insulation needed varies depending on the square footage of the area being insulated, the type of building being insulated, and how thick the insulation needs to be.Source:... Read More »