How to Use Foam Boards Inside & Out for Better Insulation?

Answer As energy prices continue to increase it becomes more and more beneficial to improve the insulation of your house. Foam boards can be used both inside and outside to better insulate your home. ... Read More »

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Is tyvek wrap or insulation boards better?

On One Hand: Tyvek Wrap Provides a BarrierApplied under insulation boards, sheathing wrap provides a continuous barrier to wind and water infiltration and creates a barrier against air "exfiltratio... Read More »

The Good & Bad About Foam Insulation?

Insulation forms a barrier between a home's interior and exterior. During winter, insulation will keep cold air outside the home while trapping heat from your furnace indoors. During summer, insula... Read More »

Is polyurethane foam insulation flammable?

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has documented several instances of fires associated with polyurethane foam insulation. It recommends that "open flames, cutting and welding torches,... Read More »

How do you make polyurethane foam insulation?

Answer Had my chem teacher in highschool grow the PU foam in front of the class, how did he do it? Answer You need four chemicals:A polyol. For foam, glycerin will work.A diisocyanate. A catalyst ... Read More »