How to Use Firefox With NetZero?

Answer When you use NetZero on your computer to access the Internet, by default it automatically launches the native Web browser on your system, such as Internet Explorer on a PC, or Safari on a Mac, but ... Read More »

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How to Use NetZero With Mozilla Firefox?

By default NetZero launches Internet Explorer as the Web browser when connected to the Internet. While you can manually launch Mozilla Firefox to use as your browser, you can usually change the set... Read More »

Does NetZero disconnect if you use Mozilla Firefox?

As of July 2010, NetZero Internet service works with Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers. NetZero support forums do not indicate specific problems using Mozilla Firefox. NetZero ... Read More »

How to Replace Firefox 2 With Firefox 3.03 on Ubuntu?

Firefox is an open-source web browser from Mozilla and Ubuntu is a popular open-source Linux distribution. On the Mac and Windows versions of Firefox, you can quickly check for updates within the b... Read More »

Can I send a fax with Netzero?

Netzero is an Internet Service Provider that allows you access to the Internet. When using Netzero, you can manually send a fax from a fax machine using the same phone connection. Netzero will allo... Read More »