How to Use "Face-in-Hole" With Facebook?

Answer FACEinHOLE is a free photo editing site that allows users to upload photos of themselves, friends or family to superimpose in a different "scenario." Each "scenario" has people with faces whited ou... Read More »

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How do I go about friending my boss on Facebook (should I talk to him about it face to face first)?

That sounds inappropriate. Keep your personal and professional lives seperate. Unless you want to take that path.

Are face- in-hole pictures saved even if you aren't signed in?

After you make a picture and it goes to the page where it shows how you could buy a shirt of it, it will show the picture you made, under that. You right click your work and save it to "My Pictures... Read More »

How do i make a serious face on facebook?

How to Put a Smiley Face on Facebook?

The Facebook social networking site is dedicated to providing its users with a means of effectively communicating with other Facebook users. Since text-based conversations often lack an adequate wa... Read More »