How to Use Eyeshadow Duos?

Answer The makeup industry has made color matching easy, selling eyeshadow in complementary duos that are meant to help with the art of two-toned application.However, not everyone was given the instructio... Read More »

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How to Do HiP Eyeshadow Duos?

HiP Eyeshadow Duos are a line of eyeshadows produced by the L'Oreal company. HiP stands for "high-intensity pigment," which is seen in each pot of color. Each duo has two of these high-intensity co... Read More »

What's the difference between eyeshadow "base" and eyeshadow "primer?

So, your primer is used to prevent any sort of creasing of your eyeshadow, any creasing of your eyeshadow makes it look crusty, which you don't want. Primer also helps your eyeshadow blend out easi... Read More »

How to turn gel eyeshadow into powder eyeshadow?

Let it dry up then crumble it... If that's even possible. You could try I guess, not really anything to lose.

Lumia 620, 510 or Samsung Ace duos?

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