How to Use Explorer OEM Fog Lights?

Answer It can be dangerous to drive a vehicle in foggy weather, including your Ford Explorer, because your vision will be limited. Drive cautiously and slower than the speed limit, and increase the distan... Read More »

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Instructions to Install Explorer Fog Lights?

The Ford Explorer, like most SUV's, was originally manufactured as a work vehicle. As such it came equipped with items that made it more versatile than a regular passenger vehicle. Fog lights are o... Read More »

How to Replace a Ford Explorer's Dash Lights?

The dash lights on the Ford Explorer are inside the instrument panel of the vehicle. The Ford Explorer's dash lights use 161-type bulbs, which can be purchased at a Ford dealer or an auto-parts sup... Read More »

How to Replace Interior Lights in a Ford Explorer?

There are a few things constant in life: death, taxes, and incandescent light bulbs that go out. Eventually, every bulb will fail, and when they do, they should be replaced. The dome light of a For... Read More »

How to Replace Brake Lights on the Ford Explorer?

Properly functioning brake lights are an essential safety feature on automobiles. Improperly functioning brake lights will not alert the driver behind you that you are stopping, raising the possibi... Read More »