How to Use Excel to Match the Best Fit From a List?

Answer Microsoft Excel allows you to create lists, even if you don't define them as such, and analyze the data through tools in the Analysis ToolPak. You can hold a lot of information on one sheet and ac... Read More »

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How to Match Multiple Criteria in Excel 2007?

With the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program, you can add a table of data into a spreadsheet and then filter the data to appear in a way that meets your criteria. Using the "Sort and Filter" featur... Read More »

How to Search a Cell Range for a Match in Excel VBA?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can contain vasts amount of data, which can be daunting if you're trying to look for a particular number or phrase in a document. One way to search a range of cells for... Read More »

Reference in Excel for Generating a Match from a Database?

If I understand your question correctly, the MS-Excel DGET function will work on your data. DGET extracts a single value from a column of a list or database that matches conditions you specify. T... Read More »

I had inserted comobox in excel. but i want select list which ever is required from the list from the comobox?

I am not sure I follow your question and explanation correctly. But I will attempt to give you some helpful information.You will need to apply Data Validation to those cells which will have the dr... Read More »