How to Use Excel to Find Non-Duplicated Data?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can help you manage a large amount of data. With spreadsheets capable of holding up to a million rows of data, duplicates are bound to sneak into your ... Read More »

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Can you transfer data from Outlook to Excel and have Excel lay out the data in a calendar format?

There is is no easy way to do what you are requesting.It might be easier to use MS-Access for this, since it would be much easier arranging and handling the data..

Is there a way in Excel 2003 to get the source data of a chart(VBA please), I can't find how to do it?

I wished I knew more about what you are attempting to accomplish, and why you want that particular range. It would assist in finding you a way to solve your current problem.There is no GET method ... Read More »

All my data is off by 2 rows in Microsoft Excel, is there a way to move all the data w/o starting over?

Using the INSERT Row, at the row where you wish one extra row to be added above it, will do the trick. Or you can select all of your cells with data in them, use the CUT, and then just PASTE all t... Read More »

Excel 2007: How to Import Data From One Excel Sheet to Another?

In computing terms, a "spreadsheet" is a type of large table that is used to display information. Microsoft Excel 2007 is just one of the many programs that is capable of creating and working with ... Read More »