How to Use Excel to Create All Possible Pairings?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a flexible spreadsheet program that can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy different computing needs. In addition to the program's computation powers and accounting possibil... Read More »

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Is it possible to create an Excel Spreadsheet saved as a webpage and still have the freeze panes option work?

If all you are wanting is to make sure that the "header" rows stay in place, so that one may scroll down the "data" rows, then just make two separate HTML Tables from the single MS-Excel worksheet.... Read More »

How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet Without Excel?

There are numerous spreadsheet software programs that can serve as alternatives to Microsoft Excel, most of which are available for download from the Internet at little or no cost. Despite some dif... Read More »

Is it possible to sort a "group" in Excel?

Yes, just select all of the rows that make up one range of data, or it could just be a block of data (such as A50:Z100).Then do your sort on just that selection.Nothing else in the worksheet will b... Read More »

How do I make my Excel table as secure as possible?

First of all, there is no fool-proof method to completely secure an MS-Excel workbook. You can use the Protection feature and set a Password, but there are ways of getting around this.You could ad... Read More »