How to Use Epoxy Putty to Fix an Oil Leak?

Answer Cracks and holes in the oil pan become more common as a car ages, causing oil leaks. Instead of replacing the pan, epoxy can be used to fix the leak. Epoxy creates a steel-like bond on any material... Read More »

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What Is Epoxy Putty?

Epoxy putty is a clay adhesive that hardens at room temperature. What makes this adhesive different from others is its ability to mold into shapes and fill gaps. Epoxy putty has a wide range of use... Read More »

How to Repair a PVC Nail in a Pipe With Epoxy Putty?

PVC is a hardened plastic that is used in houses for the manufacture and installation of sewer lines. Though the pipes are strong and durable, small cracks or other damage can occur over time, and ... Read More »

Does Dura Bond epoxy putty work on wood?

Dura Bond Epoxy Putty will work with wood objects. Dura Bond is a hand-mixable putty that can also adhere to metal, concrete, ceramic, glass and plastic surfaces, according to Pro Chem Inc.Source:P... Read More »

How to Fix a Leak With Copper Epoxy?

If your copper pipe is leaking there are two basic solutions: Either replace the leaking pipe with a soldered connection or use an epoxy adhesive for a more temporary, less work-intensive fix. Epox... Read More »