How to Use Epoxy Paint on a Motorcycle?

Answer Epoxy paints create a very durable shell that protects metal motorcycle frames from chipping and dirt accumulation. These paints are very popular among those looking to restore motorcycles or pain... Read More »

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Can enamel paint be used over epoxy paint on boats?

Yes you can paint over epoxy paint on a boat using enamel. However, you must use an oil-based marine enamel paint and sand the boat thoroughly before applying the new coat.References:Painting Tips ... Read More »

Can you paint over epoxy garage paint?

An epoxy floor coating is installed on a garage floor because it offers durability and texture to the floor. Many contain a paint-chip product in which flakes of different colors are added to the p... Read More »

What happens if you use an epoxy based paint over an acrylic or rubber based paint in a swimming pool?

Answer Using incompatible paints can result in devastating results. Do an online search for Ramuc swimming pool paints. They have great information regarding what paints are compatible with other... Read More »

Types of Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy paint is most commonly used on basement floors and garage floors. This type of paint is hard-wearing and long-lasting, and comes in a variety of colors for aesthetic purposes. Once applied to... Read More »