How to Use Engine Coolant Test Strips?

Answer You can use engine coolant test strips to gauge your engine's pH level and use that knowledge to stop problems before they start. Thanks to engine coolant test strips, you'll know just how well pre... Read More »

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How to Test Engine Coolant?

The coolant in your engine provides two different types of protection to the engine. Its first job is to absorb heat generated in the engine by combustion and transfer it to the outside air through... Read More »

How to Pressure Test an Engine Coolant System?

Automotive coolant, also called antifreeze, cools the engine when it gets too hot and keeps the engine from freezing at sub-zero temperatures. The temperature of an engine is controlled by the ther... Read More »

Test Procedures for Engine Coolant Thermostats?

Engines that never reach operating temperature or that overheat may have a problem with the engine coolant thermostat. Verifying that the thermostat is the problem requires blindly replacing it or ... Read More »

How do I Use Test Strips to Test for Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer Hours & Days After Applying?

Chlorine tablets and granular chlorine contain a trace of cyanuric acid, which protects chlorine from dissipating in the sun's ultraviolet rays. Chlorine users should test the level of cyanuric aci... Read More »