How to Use Emotional Arousal in Speech Writing?

Answer Emotional arousal is an excellent tool for gaining and keeping your audience's attention, and for inspiring them to take your desired action. While emotional content keeps a speech from being dry a... Read More »

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Types of Speech & Writing?

Writing and public speaking have much in common. Writing, in the very broadest sense of the word, is simply speech that is written down. Both writing and speech can be used to inform, to persuade, ... Read More »

Speech Writing Outline Tips?

When you are writing a speech, it is important to write an outline to help you organize the information you want to talk about in the presentation and ensure the presentation is formatted in a logi... Read More »

Tips on Writing a Salutatorian Speech?

So you are about to graduate and you have to give the Salutatorian speech for your class. The salutatorian is the student who has the second highest academic rank in the graduating class, and he us... Read More »

Tips on Persuasive Speech Writing?

Are you passionate about a topic and need to persuade others to join your cause? Consider giving a persuasive speech about the topic. A persuasive speech mixes information with motivation and inspi... Read More »