How to Use Dynamat?

Answer One of the complaints about driving audiophiles possess is the noise of the road interfering with their music. Instead of trying to drown out the noise with damaging volume, the solution can easily... Read More »

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How to Remove Dynamat?

Dynamat is a rubber and aluminum sheet used for reducing the amount of road noise that enters your car while driving. Common areas to cover with Dynamat would be the doors, trunk, hood and chassis.... Read More »

How to Install Dynamat?

Dynamat is a popular sound deadening material used frequently in the custom car business. This material sticks to the sheetmetal in a car or truck, and helps stop sheetmetal vibration as well as ke... Read More »

Dynamat Alternatives?

When road noise becomes an annoyance to drivers, many use Dynamat to soundproof their vehicle. Dynamat is a brand-name product, sold in bulk packages and project kits, that is used to alleviate sou... Read More »

Dynamat Tips?

Road noise can become a major annoyance to car owners. The heat from the car's exhaust system and the sun can also turn into a concern for car owners by making the vehicle difficult to cool down. H... Read More »