How to Use Dry All to Save a Wet Electronic Device?

Answer Getting something wet such as a cell phone, laptop, or music player can be traumatic. In modern society, these are considered lifelines. However, with the Dry All kit, it can be easy to prevent per... Read More »

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How to Dry a Wet Personal Electronic Device with the Save a Phone Rescue Kit (without Rice)?

If you drop a personal electronic device, including cell phones, ipods, baby monitors, hearing aids, two-way radios, etc, in water don't panic, it can probably be saved. Most importantly, remove th... Read More »

Name of this electronic device?

It's call a "persistance of vision" display or wand. There's information about one commercial version called the WavyWandâ„¢ in the third link I've posted below.Don

Is there an electronic device I can buy that will help...?

Yes, but don't spend your money on it, they're cheap ineffective devices, and is just another product that is sold today to steal more money from the consumers.Report the guy to the police.

How to Take Care of an Electronic Device?

People drop electronics often. Hundreds of dollars go to waste. How do you take good care of one? Simple. After you read this article, you'll have the cleanest, healthiest iPod of PC on the block.