How to Use Driveway Reflectors?

Answer Installing reflectors on both sides of your driveway will make it more visible in the dark. Installation is simple. Just measure a certain distance from the road, then pound the reflector into the ... Read More »

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If no trucks are allowed in a driveway according to the Home Owners Association can a handicapped persons truck be parked in the driveway?

If you are an owner requiring handicap access to parking, then you and the board can negotiate a workable solution to your parking requirements. Part of the negotiation should include the definitio... Read More »

How to Use Photographic Reflectors?

Photographic reflectors allow photographers and production teams to manipulate studio and natural lighting during a photo shoot. These photographic reflectors are available in silver and gold tones... Read More »

Homemade Hydroponic Light Reflectors?

Hydroponic light reflectors optimize your light source. For plants that enjoy full sun, this can be crucial to an ideal hydroponic growing situation. In addition to maximum light, these reflectors ... Read More »

Homemade Reflectors for a Photography Foam Core?

With the advent of affordable digital cameras, studio-quality photography has never been more accessible to the hobbyist or photo buff. With a decent light source --- even a window will do --- the... Read More »