How to Use Drain Cleaner to Strip Automotive Paint?

Answer Whether you are restoring a classic car or you need a new paint job for your new vehicle, stripping the paint will allow for a smoother paint job. Lye found in drain cleaner is an alternative to co... Read More »

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Quickest Ways to Strip Automotive Paint?

While you have several choices to strip automotive paint, all are time-consuming, though you can use some products to speed the process up. When removing automotive paint, you must take care to avo... Read More »

Instructions for Cutting Automotive LED Strip Lights?

Automotive LED light strips are an inexpensive way to add a custom look to your vehicle. As LED light strips are powered by 12 volt DC, like that of your cigarette lighter, there is little work to ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Automotive Battery Drain?

The battery in your vehicle is primarily responsible for starting the vehicle. "Cold cranking amps" determine the electrical output of the battery when power is being drawn from it. When a battery ... Read More »

How to Strip Wallpaper (Using Glass Cleaner)?

A very simple way to strip wallpaper, relying on Windex glass cleaner.