How to Use Dish Soap to Wash Cars?

Answer Car maintenance is tedious and time consuming, as your car needs to be washed regularly to remove dirt, residue and other elements that build up through road travel. Commercial car wash detergents ... Read More »

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Can i wash a dog with dish soap?

On One Hand: Not Out of the BottleAccording to pet cleaning website, dish soap formulas often carry acidity levels that can create hazardous conditions for a dog. The site goes on to expla... Read More »

How to Wash Clothing With Dish Soap?

When you have delicate garments that require hand washing in a tub or sink, reach for the dish soap to clean these items gently. While the sudsing properties of dishwashing soap make this soap unsu... Read More »

How to Wash Eyeglasses With Dish Soap?

It always happens when you go to put on your eyeglasses: There is a smear on them. You can try to remove the smear with a tissue but this only adds to more trouble with your eyeglasses. Now you ha... Read More »

Help me settle an argument. Is it ok to wash your coffee pot with dish soap and water?

You are right. There is nothing special about the coffee pot that makes it unable to be washed with regular dish soap and water.You clean the coffee maker with vinegar because you can't reach insi... Read More »