How to Use Dehorning Paste on Calves?

Answer While horns may be an identifying signature on many species of cattle, they often cause more harm than good. Horned cattle can be a danger to themselves and other animals and are worth less on mark... Read More »

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How to Get Big Calves?

You have 2 major calf muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. If you want to quickly develop bigger calves, it makes sense to focus your muscle-building efforts on the gastrocnemius, the larger ... Read More »

5'4" Thighs 21" and calves 15" HELP ME!!?

Squats and long walks. If possible longer swims and runs!

How to Get Dancer Calves?

The lean, long-legged look of a dancer is what many people want from their workout. Repetition of ballet, ballroom or contemporary dance poses can give that lengthened shape to thigh and calf muscl... Read More »

How to Get Smaller Calves?

The calves in the human body consist largely of the gastrocnemius muscles located on the back of the lower legs, and are responsible for the flexion of the knees and feet. Large calves result from ... Read More »