How to Use Crayons in Glue Guns for Wax Seals?

Answer Though largely rendered practically redundant due to the the efficiency of modern-day envelope adhesives, old-fashioned wax seals remain a favorite way to add a touch of antique class to a letter o... Read More »

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Can you use melted crayons for wax seals on envelopes?

You can use melted crayons to make a wax seal for an envelope. Drip the melted wax on the back of the envelope, and make a decorative impression in the soft wax if you wish. This is one way to reus... Read More »

What guns do the US Navy Seals use?

It depends on the mission at hand - for Close Quarter Battle / close quarters fighting, they'll typically use an MP-5 or other similar weapon, with suppressor. If the mission is going to require a ... Read More »

Uses for a Hot Glue Guns?

Any craft enthusiast should add a hot glue gun to their arsenal, because the crafting possibilities using this tool are virtually endless. Everything from creating unique craft projects to repurpos... Read More »

How many crayons are in the deluxe box of Crayola crayons?

There is no "deluxe" pack of Crayola crayons. The average school pack comes with 24 crayons. There are also boxes with 32, 48, 64, 96 and 120 crayons. The telescoping tower box has 150 crayons.Refe... Read More »