How to Use Cosmetics to Conceal Under Eye Circles?

Answer Under eye circles are a result of being tired, genetics, illness, lack of vitamins, smoking and/or hyper pigmentation, and can often make a face look exhausted no matter how much rest is had. Under... Read More »

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How to Conceal Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

If you have dark under your eyes and have tried almost everything to cover it, then this is the article for you. Follow these simple steps and they will have you looking great in less than 5 minutes!

How to Use Makeup to Conceal Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eyes are attributable to many causes. Allergies, nasal congestion, too much sleep, too little sleep and heredity are among some of the most frequently cited causes. Despite t... Read More »

How to Conceal Dark Circles When Makeup Doesn't Work?

Dark circles beneath the eyes can be caused by aging, lack of sleep, a genetic predisposition or even nasal congestion. It can be a hassle to determine and buy the right shades of makeup concealer,... Read More »

How to Conceal Dark Circles Without Making Fine Lines Look Worse?

Few sights ruin your mood like seeing those infamous purplish-blue circles beneath your eyes. Contrary to popular belief, fatigue is not the only cause of under-eye circles. A variety of factors in... Read More »