How to Use Clipper Guards?

Answer Knowing how to use the different plastic clipper guards that come with an electric clipper is the key to giving yourself not just a military-style buzz cut but a stylish, tapered, clean haircut tha... Read More »

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How to Clean Clipper Guards?

If you use clippers to cut hair, it is important to clean the clipper guards after every haircut, especially if you cut the hair of more than one person. Germs, diseases and lice can be passed from... Read More »

What Do the Numbers on Hair Clipper Guards Mean?

If you have ever sat down in a barber or hairstyling chair and been asked, "What number?" you might have been a little confused. The number refers to the guard that is used on the clipper that the ... Read More »

Instructions for Cutting Men's Hair With a Clipper & Guards?

Giving a good quick haircut on a guy can be easy to learn and perform with a decent set of hair clippers and guards. Clippers refer to the electric tool that features a cutting edge at the end for ... Read More »

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