How to Use Clairol Creme Toner?

Answer It is essential to apply a toner after bleaching your full head of hair or stripping small strands for highlights, as it ensures that the finished product is a natural blonde color, instead of a br... Read More »

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How to Use Clairol Born Blonde Toner?

Blonde hair has always been an exotic, high fashion color and the women who wear it have a sensual yet, unattainable air. Many of our most memorable movie stars have been blond -- from Jean Harlow... Read More »

Does Clairol toner really work with bleached hair?

On One Hand: Toners Add Opaque ColorHair toners are a hair color product that creates an opaque layer of color over the hair. The lighter the hair, the more obvious the color. If hair is brassy or ... Read More »

How do you fool a toner sensor on canon copier toner 104?

Why would you want to fool it. The sensor has a mechanical purpose in the copier, it tells you when you need to replace the toner.

Why do I get "Low Toner" message after installing a new toner cartridge?

I suspect that the toner cartridge, being a non-OEM cartridge, was either a remanufactured cartridge and not reset correctly when done or the printer is not recognizing it correctly. You might try ... Read More »