How to Use Check Engine Diagnostic Software for a Honda?

Answer Honda vehicles built after 1996 utilize an on-board diagnostic system know as OBD-II. This system of sensors works with the vehicle's engine computer to determine if the emissions systems are opera... Read More »

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Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tools?

Engine performance issues were once diagnosed with the use of an oscilloscope and various meters and strobe lights. A skilled interpretation of the oscilloscope pattern was needed to determine exac... Read More »

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Codes?

The Check Engine Light is part of your vehicle On-Board Diagnostic [OBD] system. When an abnormal operation in an electronic circuit or component is detected, the computer uses this light to inform... Read More »

How to Check a Honda Engine Control Unit?

The engine control unit in a Honda monitors the vehicle's performance. It also generates and stores any error codes that are the result of a faulty system component. The codes will normally be stor... Read More »

How to Turn Off a Honda Check Engine Light?

The check engine light in a Honda indicates that service is needed on the vehicle. Unfortunately, once the service is completed, the light doesn't go out on its own. You will need to use a special ... Read More »