How to Use Cement in a Grout Bag?

Answer A grout bag is a plastic or canvas bag with a narrow tip at one end that you fill with grout and squeeze to expel it into the spaces between tiles. It's the same concept as that of a pastry bag. A ... Read More »

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How to Remove Portland Cement Grout From Tile?

Grout used between tiles consists primarily of Portland cement. The cement forms a solid protective barrier between the tiles, protecting the surface beneath the tile from substances that can work ... Read More »

How to Remove Grout and Cement Spots off Ceramic Tiles?

Have you got extra grout marks or tile adhesive spots on your recently renovated bathroom? If so try these tips for removing them. If it is a just a few spots and your floor tiles have a good hard ... Read More »

My house is cement deteration in cement foundation can this be fixed?

When a cinder block foundation is built below grade or built incorrectly, they can quickly deteriorate, usually causing water and moisture leaks that indicate to the owner there is a problem. Putti... Read More »

Where can i rent a cement truck with already mixed cement in las vegas NV?

YOu cannot rent the truck you need to contact one of the local cotnractors and they will do this for you. It will be much cheaper to call for a delivery of concrete, than to rent a truck. Believe m... Read More »