How to Use Cedar Oil on a Cedar Hangup?

Answer It is believed that the aromatic oil found in the wood acts as natural moth repellent - and that the use of the cedar will protect clothes and bedding from insect damage. In addition to using cedar... Read More »

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How far do I plant my apple tree from cedar trees to keep cedar blotch from happening?

If no chemical control will be used, apple trees should be planted 4 to 5 miles away from all cedar trees to ensure cedar apple rust and necrotic leaf blotch don't occur. Even with the aid of chemi... Read More »

How Far Do I Plant My Apple Tree From Cedar Trees to Keep Cedar Blotch From Happening?

Homeowners growing apple trees and cedar trees on their property may want to reconsider one of the two types of trees. Apples and cedars must be spaced far apart to prevent cedar blotch cross conta... Read More »

What is cedar oil used for?

Cedar oil, frequently called cedarwood oil, is an oil extracted from cedar trees through steam distillation. Pure cedar oil in bedroom dressers can stop insects and moths from eating clothes. Ceda... Read More »

Cedar Oil Uses?

Cedar oil is pale yellow with a woody, spicy smell. It comes from the cedar, a tree that grows in various regions of the world, including North America. Ancient Egyptians employed cedar oil to help... Read More »