How to Use Brake Pliers?

Answer Brake pliers are often considered the most valuable tool in any auto-mechanic's tool kit. The design of the brake pliers keep them lightweight, durable and strong, and they work well with brake tub... Read More »

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How to Use Brake Spring Pliers?

Though many automobile enthusiasts like to do repair and maintenance work on their own vehicles, it can be difficult without having the proper tools. A common vehicle repair task like changing comp... Read More »

How to Use Locking Pliers?

Locking pliers, sometimes referred to as vise-grips depending on the style of locking mechanism they incorporate, are great tools to keep handy. Typically, locking pliers are used where more torque... Read More »

How to Use Eyelet Pliers?

Eyelet pliers are an easy way to put eyelets into materials. This article will show you how to use them.

How to Use Circlip Pliers?

Circlip pliers are used to install or remove "circlips" from shafts of equipment. A circlip, sometimes called a snap ring, holds bearings on shafts or within bore holes. The pliers, also known as s... Read More »