How to Use Bluetooth With the Droid & a Lexus Car?

Answer Using your wireless phone while you are operating a car can be dangerous, since you can't keep two hands on the wheel and hold a phone. To solve this issue, cellular phone manufacturers have utiliz... Read More »

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How to Delete Bluetooth on a Droid?

The Motorola Droid line of smartphones can handle many different types of Bluetooth devices, including headsets, keyboards and even a laptop. When you pair a device with your Droid, the phone remem... Read More »

How to Link a Motorola Droid With a Bluetooth?

Linking your Droid by Motorola with a Bluetooth headset gives you the convenience of wireless, hands-free calling. The Droid is compatible with most Bluetooth headsets, and connecting your devices ... Read More »

Is the Lexus 330 ES Bluetooth compatible?

No, according to Lexus, the last model of the 330 ES made in 2006 does not have Bluetooth compatible technology. The newer Lexus 350 ES, made since 2007, does support Bluetooth.References:Lexus: 33... Read More »

Moms htc incredible doesn't have any cool voice saying droid when its boots up and she really wants it to say droid how does it work and how to make it say droid?

I do not believe the samsung moment will get an update to android 2.2 froyo. However, I'm sure if you root your phone there is a custom froyo ROM that you can install. You can find out how to do th... Read More »