How to Use Bleach to Remove Mold?

Answer You can use bleach and water to remove any mold spores from hard surfaces after you have fixed the cause of the mold and removed the porous materials that were contaminated by the mold. Cleaning wi... Read More »

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Does bleach remove mold?

Bleach is effective in killing indoor mold on non-porous objects such as tiles, bathtubs and glass. Unfortunately, bleach cannot reach mold growing under the surface of materials like wood. Instead... Read More »

How do i remove mold not using bleach?

VinegarPut white distilled vinegar in a clean empty spray bottle and spray directly on the moldy area. Allow the vinegar to set on the area; do not rinse. The strong vinegar smell will dissipate. U... Read More »

How to Remove Mold From Fabric Without Bleach?

Mold decays organic matter and tends to grow in areas with excess moisture such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms or attics. If you've stored fabric in basements or attics, it is possible that... Read More »

Can you use bleach to remove mold from your siding?

I just went through this. I live in Hawaii and my whole house got covered with mold.We rented a pressure washer and used outdoor bleach because its thicker and will stillto the walls better. There ... Read More »