How to Use Bleach Vs. How to Use Vinegar as a Cleaner?

Answer Versatile and useful, bleach and vinegar are two common and inexpensive household cleaning liquids. However, they each have their positive and negative aspects. Bleach will disinfect hard surfaces ... Read More »

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Does vinegar disinfect as well as bleach?

On One Hand: Vinegar EffectiveVinegar's disinfecting abilities come from its 5-percent concentration of acetic acid. According to Truy Wassenaar, Curator of the Virtual Museum of Bacteria, this con... Read More »

Does a Vinegar & Bleach Mix Kill Mold?

Vinegar is an effective mold killer, as is bleach. However, these two chemicals should be used separately to rid surfaces of mold. If they are combined into one mixture, the result is hazardous to ... Read More »

What kills plants the fastest bleach or vinegar?

How to Use Vinegar As a Carburetor Cleaner?

Use vinegar as a carburetor cleaner fluid instead of paying for a carburetor cleaning fluid. If the cleaning is done regularly as normal maintenance of the vehicle, vinegar does a better job. It wi... Read More »