How to Use Baking Soda as a Foot Soak?

Answer You don't have to spend a lot of money to get an effective foot soak. In fact, you can spend only pennies by using baking soda to soften your feet. Baking soda has numerous applications, from cooki... Read More »

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Does Pakora/Bhajiya soak more oil if baking soda was added to it?

Actually the reason for the pakodas or bajjis to soak up more oil, depends on the oil temperature. If the oil is not hot enough or very hot, it makes the food to dunk more oil. Also you should be a... Read More »

Is it safe to soak a sterling silver charm bracelet with baking soda&water to clean it?

Immersing a silver bracelet in baking soda and water will effectively remove the tarnish. Boil the water and add about 1 cup baking soda for every gallon of water. Line the bottom of a pan with alu... Read More »

How to Control Foot Odor with Baking Soda?

The simple solution to control foot odor.

Quick! home remedy for a bee sting please! made baking soda paste already sting is on foot?

From a pharmacist...the tobacco and mud solutions hold water. I assume you have already done this. It is time for Benadryl...capusles, not the topical. Don't drive.Feel better!