How to Use Automotive A/C Gauges?

Answer Standard automotive A/C gauge sets are useful for troubleshooting air conditioning problems as well as recharging the refrigerant when a repair is made. Armed with only the A/C gauge set and a work... Read More »

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How to Set Up Automotive A/C Gauges?

Air-conditioning gauges, professionally called manifold gauges, are connected to the high- and low-pressure air-conditioning lines and read the pressure of the system. These gauges are used to dete... Read More »

Top 3 Gauges to Add to a Car?

All cars have gauges; you're probably most familiar with the gas gauge and the speedometer on your car. The best additional gauges to have on any car are the tachometer, voltmeter and temperature g... Read More »

How to Use A/C Gauges?

Working on cars requires a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to maintaining certain parts of your car. If you are having A/C trouble in your car, you will need to use an A/C gauge to fin... Read More »

Who invented car gauges?

Marcello Pirani invented the car gauge, which was called the Pirani one wire. Pirani invented the gauge by taking the pressure put on a car pedal and transferring it to hot or cold temperatures tha... Read More »