How to Use Art to Teach Writing?

Answer The fascinating human brain is divided into halves, the right brain and the left brain. Each of the halves has a separate function, with the left, analytical side of the brain responsible for perfo... Read More »

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How to Teach Fifth-Grade Writing for the North Carolina Writing Test?

The North Carolina Board of Education Department of Public Instruction administers standardized tests to students as they exit grades three through eight and grade ten as part of the Accountability... Read More »

The Best Practices to Teach Writing?

Make your student the best writer he can be. Teach the basics of how to write using various practices that will encourage students to begin to write on their own. Whether you are teaching an adult,... Read More »

How to Teach Writing to Kindergartners?

Young children are natural storytellers. If you teach kindergarten, you have seen this through their pictures and their verbal stories. You can build on that natural talent to begin teaching your s... Read More »

How to Teach Writing Skills?

Teaching someone how to write can be a tiring process depending on how old the person is, how fast they learn, how much time do you have to teach them.