How to Use Aquarium Salt in an Aquarium?

Answer Here is how to use aquarium salt in a fish aquarium.

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Can you substitute table salt for aquarium salt?

Avoid the temptation to use table salt in place of aquarium salt. While table salt includes only pure sodium chloride, the aquarium salt you buy at your local pet shop includes a delicate balance o... Read More »

How to Remove Salt From an Aquarium?

Removing salt from a saltwater aquarium needs to be done regularly. Saltwater aquariums obviously must contain salt, but inevitably a crusty layer of salt crystals, known as “salt creep,” will ... Read More »

How to Start a Salt Water Aquarium?

Setting up a salt water aquarium can add a piece of ocean life to your home or office. Known to reduce stress, saltwater aquariums are filled with brightly colored tropical fish and gently swaying ... Read More »

How much aquarium salt is used for a 30-gallon tank?

When setting up an aquarium, you need to add aquarium salt to set the salinity. Although the package instructions for commercial aquarium salt should be followed, in general, the proper salt additi... Read More »