How to Use Anti-Seize on Wheel Studs?

Answer Using anti-seize on your wheel studs is an easy way to ensure that you will be able to get the wheels off should you need to change a flat tire. Anti-seize is a compound, usually silver in color, d... Read More »

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Anti Seize Technology?

Anti-Seize Technology (AST) Inc. is a manufacturer of anti-seize lubrication products. Anti-seize products are designed to keep engines and other mechanical devices from freezing up or "seizing" du... Read More »

How to Replace Plugs With No Anti-Seize?

Anti-seize is a paste you apply to the threaded mating surfaces of hardware to make sure it does not bind or seize. Anti-seize compound is commonly used on spark plug threads so that they are easil... Read More »

Anti-Seize Compound MIL Specs?

Anti-seize compounds protect metal parts from rusting, corroding, and seizing. When applied to the part, such as the threads of a bolt, these compounds aid in the assembly and disassembly of equipm... Read More »

How to Install an Anti-Seize Oxygen Sensor?

The oxygen sensor in your vehicle monitors the amount of contaminates in the exhaust. It then sends this information to the vehicle's computer, which makes adjustments to the air-to-fuel ratio. Ult... Read More »