How to Use Ancient Egyptian Beauty Tricks of Cleopatra?

Answer The renowned beauty of Egypt's last Queen, Cleopatra, is legendary. Attracting the attentions of great leaders such as Caesar and Marc Antony, Cleopatra's allure has been unmatched. Archaeologists ... Read More »

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Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets and Tips?

The ancient Egyptians placed beauty on a very high pedestal. They took care of their skin and had many different things they used to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Makeup was worn by men and... Read More »

Comparison Between Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian Water Sources?

Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were both highly successful in very arid regions. Each was entirely dependent on rivers for their water as there was little or no rain in either place. Egypt depe... Read More »

The Clothes of Cleopatra in Ancient Times?

Although Cleopatra was the most famous Egyptian queen, her ancestry was not Egyptian. She descended from Ptolemy, a general of Alexander the Great. After Alexander's death, Ptolemy claimed Egypt fo... Read More »

Ancient Egyptian Schools?

Ancient Egyptians held education in high regard, but it was reserved for boys from noble and wealthy families and never for girls. Many jobs went from father to son, and many lower class boys were ... Read More »