How to Use Ammonia Nitrate on My Yard?

Answer Plants need nitrogen to create proteins, amino acids and even DNA. Nitrogen is also an essential nutrient to the process of photosynthesis. Ammonium nitrate, sometimes labeled as 34-0-0, is a form ... Read More »

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Is ammonia inhalant an amyl nitrate?

Ammonia inhalants, commonly known as "smelling salts," contain ammonia. They do not contain amyl nitrite. Amyl nitrite is a specific chemical compound used in medical applications or as an illicit ... Read More »

How Can One Remove Nitrate Salts From Nitrate Enriched Soil?

Soils become enriched with nitrate salts after consistent chemical fertilization. Most soils that are enriched with nitrate salts are used for agriculture. With proper management, there should be l... Read More »

Has anyone ever tried to buy potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate from a Canadian pharmasict?

Unless you want a visit from your homeland security team don't ask for these chemicals by name. Any garden shop can sell you fertilizers meant for growing tomatoes.

Is household ammonia the same thing as ammonia cleaner?

Household ammonia is a strong chemical that can be used in gardening and cleaning both at full strength and diluted. Ammonia cleaners, such as window cleaners, contain other chemicals and are only ... Read More »