How to Use Addition to Check Subtraction?

Answer Many elementary mathematics teachers instruct their students to double-check their work when computing problems without the use of a calculator. An answer may be incorrect due to human error. When ... Read More »

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Addition and Subtraction Games?

Addition and subtraction are two basic math computations that we all learn at an early age. However, like many topics, addition and subtraction require practice and repetition before children can m... Read More »

Properties of Addition and Subtraction?

Elementary math curricula often include a discussion of number properties, specifically the properties of addition and subtraction. The properties of addition and subtraction make it easier to work... Read More »

How to Use the Dot System for Addition & Subtraction?

A dot system for teaching math works well for children who need a more hands-on approach. Different systems such as Touch Math and Dot Math use innovative methods to combine the different senses in... Read More »

How to Perform Addition & Subtraction?

Addition is the mathematical operation of combining two or more groups of numbers. The numbers being added, called addends, are separated by a plus sign (+). The total of the addends is called the ... Read More »