How to Use AMSOIL?

Answer AMSOIL is a synthetic motor oil used in vehicles, and was the world's first synthetic motor oil to meet the American Petroleum Institute standards. Synthetic motor oil is man-made and is a superior... Read More »

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Can You Mix Regular Oil With Amsoil?

Synthetic oil can be better for engines, especially those with high mileage. It can improve overall performance compared to traditional petroleum oils. Amsoil synthetic oils can also help reduce oi... Read More »

How good is Amsoil?

On One Hand: Truck Driver Says Amsoil's Claims Are TrueAmsoil, a synthetic engine oil, has been highly regarded for its ability to go extended periods of time between oil changes without causing da... Read More »

Factory Vehicles That Have AMSOIL?

AMSOIL is the first American Petroleum Institute rated synthetic motor oil. Preferred for jet engines, AMSOIL is now available for factory passenger cars and utility trucks. AMSOIL has a 3300 psi t... Read More »

Who makes amsoil oil filters?

Amsoil oil filters are manufactured by the Wisconsin-based Amsoil, Inc. Amsoil also makes other automotive products including synthetic motor oil, fuel additives, transmission fluids and filtration... Read More »

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